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How can you help this website? 1. Don’t give me money. I don’t want it. If you want to give someone money, give it to the humanist groups on another page or the AAIDD 2. Mostly what I could use is your time. Use this time to: give me feedback about the site or what I say on it. I want to hear if you agree. I also want to hear if you don’t agree. It would also be good to hear if you have any suggestions write something for me on one of the subjects we cover. suggest other areas we can cover send me some pictures we can put on one of the pages. A good picture will be about nature . Other good pictures would be of  people doing things that aren’t necessarily religious. I’m not interested in pictures that make religions look bad. If you see something in a newspaper or magazine that we could use, send me a copy or a link. A good article would be on both humanism and intellectual disabilities. Other articles would be on new therapies Here are some links to places I mentioned earlier on this page: contact me: editor         contact the AAIDD: www.AAIDD.org  go to the page with the various humanist groups on it: groups