Are there groups or clubs for humanists? There are several national humanist groups. You can join them or just look at their websites. If you join them you will get a magazine every couple of months and perhaps a newsletter or two during the year. You will also be able to use their blogs if you desire. Here are the big ones: (click on the name to go to their website) The American Humanist Association American Atheists The Humanist Society of America Council for Secular Humanism In addition there are a big list of them on Wikipedia. Use the link below: Wikipedia listing of a good list of a number of US humanist organizations There are also lots of local groups all over the country. There are too many to list here. If you go to Google or your favorite search engine and search for humanist groups and your state or town you should find some. They usually seem to meet once or twice a month and have some other activity like a trip or a dance every once and a while I live in Massachusetts and this is the website for the group closest to me: The Greater Worcester (MA) Humanists
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