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Questions Do humanists go to church? good question, some do, most don’t. There are only a few churches that welcome humanists and don’t try to change their beliefs. A few are Unitarian- Universalist Churches, some Buddhist, and some Hindu temples Do other people like humanists Humanists, especially the atheists, get different reactions from others. Some are happy, some don’t care, and the biggest group doesn’t like them. Many people are humanists and just don’t tell anyone else else unless they really trust them. If I join, can I change my mind later? you don’t have to join any club to be a humanist. There are some humanist groups around. You may like to be in one. One you live by could be a lot of fun. Look around on the Internet. Google “humanist group in [your town]”. Put the name of where you live and the state where it says, “[your town] And you can change your mind about being a humanist any time. I had a friend that stopped being a humanist. I was sad when it happened but we are still close but never talk about it. But I have to be truthful. Sometimes friends break up when people become humanists or stop being one. What is an atheist? An atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in a god Do humanists like religious people? Many, maybe most, humanists were religious at an earlier time. I am like that. Most humanists understand why people are religious. They don’t mind religious people as long as they leave us alone. There are some humanists who are fairly nasty to religions but they are a small part of us Is humanism a religion? Some people will swear it is. But it isn’t. Religions believe in things you can’t see like gods and angels. Humanism believes in things you can see. Why do so many people believe in religions? that’s a good question. The answer is so long it will need its own page so click on the title of this question (the blue words right above) to go to that page send me questions by email and I’ll answer them and post the good ones on this list. I won’t use your name. click on the blue email to start                                                           email
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