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What IS a humanist? There are a bunch of definitions around this website. A really simple one is: A humanist is someone who thinks if there is a god, this god doesn’t help or hurt us. A humanist believes that the answers to our problems come from working together with other people. Most humanists don’t believe in a god. Some do. It’s up to you. Not all humanists believe the same things. for example: o Some are Democrats, some are Republicans. o Some eat meat, others don’t. o There are a lot of other things that we don’t always agree on. Most everyone has a strong belief in science though. Most everyone thinks that all other people should be treated like they want themselves to be treated. This includes men and women, people of different colors, religious people and non-religious people and straight and gay people. Humanists who don’t believe in a god are also called atheists Humanists who aren’t sure if there is a god are called agnostics
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Here is a video on humanism if you don’t mind listening to two men sitting on toilets talking