Web Pages Design and future planning This is the third incarnation of this website. I tried to make the pages in the first one quite simple and quick to load. I was uncertain who was going to read it and I wanted it useful to anyone. Looking back, in doing this I made it look primitive. The second version was better looking and had more information. It had simplicity with only one subject on a page and was more traditional looking as a website. But still, I wanted to develop a site that was really two parallel websites. One would be like this but the other would be easier to work with with clear mouse feedback, larger type, possibly more pictures and YouTube links, and simpler wording. An interested person could follow whichever tract they would like and in fact go back and forth between them. That is this, the third version. Blogs and forums are a future possibility although I do not have time to keep up either one. In fact I barely have the time to keep up the newsletters which you may have noted by their general delay in publication. And really, unless more people visit this site, it probably wouldn’t be worth it. The site is showing up in search engines now and I hope that increases interest. It is the only site that addresses humanist issues for people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and loved ones.