What else might you want to know? There are a lot of newsletters in the detailed section. I am in the process of writing them again so that they are easier to read. There will be a place to click to get to them on the index page when they are ready. These newsletters cover a lot of different subjects. The most popular humanist symbol is the happy humanist. it is in the margin There is a new section on homosexual and different sexual expressions. It is in the detailed section for now. Humanist usually support any sexual expression that doesn’t hurt anyone. There are humanist groups to help people stay sober or drug-free. These are also written about in the detailed section for now. People can get angry and excited when talking about religious issues. This would include humanism. Don’t be surprised if friends aren’t very friendly when you tell them you are a humanist. Some will be supportive. Those are really good friends. Others will be angry. This is true when talking to your family too.