Am I a humanist? Maybe! Sometimes it’s easier to say if you are not a humanist. Humanists are often called that because they don’t believe in something Do you believe that a god runs much of your life? Do you believe in a devil? Do you believe it’s important to go to church? If you do any of these you are probably not a humanist. You can still visit this website all you want. If you don’t believe something on one of the pages, that’s alright. You may find something you like or want to use on one of the pages. That’s alright too even if you are not a humanist. if you think a page is wrong, feel free to send me an email. If you click on the blue word “email” it will set up a message. It will be to me from you. email Let’s talk about what a humanist is. Go to the next page
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This is the the chapel at Harvard University. It’s an interesting building. If you like churches to look at you might be a humanist but if you think a god lives in them, you probably are not one.
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