Secular Organizations for Sobriety (also known as SOS or Save our Selves) Internet resources: SOS has a large number of web resources, taking advantage of technology and realizing that not everyone has easy access (if any access) to an SOS group. Some important links are as follows (click on the link to go there, close the window to come back) Main website:  www. find meetings and contact people: also lists a lot of other websites background: Jim Christopher founded SOS a number of years ago after personal problems with keeping clean and sober using twelve-step groups. This writer has met him twice, once in his "Hollywood" office. (trust me, my emphasis is partially a joke, not all of Hollywood is glamorous) and he's one of the nicest, helpful guys you'd ever want to meet. SOS works at an interactional level rather than relying on a series of steps. Meetings usually revolve around a member's progress or problems. Many meetings are rather small but there are big meetings too. It seems to be more prevalent on the West coast but this may just be my impression. I personally found them very useful. One minor criticism is that new members often spend much of their early meetings "AA-bashing" or letting out bad feelings about other recovery groups. While this can hold the group back, as a whole, it is usually short lived and then progress can be made.