Smart Recovery (formerly Rational Recovery) I have to admit that the first time I visited a Smart Recovery Meeting I wasn't impressed. The guy who was running the group seemed to understand that the meeting was structured but he didn't seem to understand why. He tried to run through their four principles with a newly sober person and what he was doing just didn't seem to make sense. I kept up with the Secular Organization for Sobriety That was a while ago. I probably just went to a bad meeting. Every group has some of those even though no group wants them. Smart Recovery is fairly successful at this time. They have a lot more meetings and, as I noted earlier, they have a strong structure to their meetings. This can be good for someone who is not good at finding what is good and bad  about a program  or how to succeed in it by themselves. On the other side, it makes it hard for such a person to know when, like with my first Smart Recovery experience, the group is not a good mix for them. Friends and family can go to the meetings as far as I know so maybe they can help evaluate the group. They also have internet meetings Give this group a try. Their website is: Dr. Joe Gerstein founded the organization and still has a prominent place in its management. He, like many other people who have set up these groups, is a really nice, energetic, and sincere guy and certainly worth meeting if you ever get the chance.